Our Services

CFO Services

Take your accounting and finance to the next level.

Business owners and CEOs ask for this when they are looking to improve their business valuation in preparation for a transaction or to reduce their time focused on administration of the business.

Our premium CFO Services packages, depending on your needs can include:

  • Monthly business review with our CFO
  • Monthly financial reports prepared by our Controller
  • Weekly engagement with our Accountant
  • Finance and Accounting Software

Budgets and Projections

Most of our clients have never done a budget or projection before. Let us show you where you will finish the year and help you plan your next one.

Cash Flow Forecasting

We help our clients figure out exactly when they will run tight on cash and then help them make adjustments to ensure the business has sufficient cash all through the quarter.

Financial Business Reviews

Many of our clients do not have time to decipher and dig through financial reports trying to understand what it all means. Our financial reviews include exactly what you need to know this month about your business.

CHRO Services

When you are tired of doing human resources by yourself, struggling with the support from your payroll company and are ready to make a change.

Our CHRO service packages include monthly meetings with a fractional Chief Human Resources Officer, payroll services, human resources administration, and applicable software.


We use a white-glove service model. 

You will regularly meet with the same executive [either a fractional chief financial officer or fractional chief human resources officer] and, if the engagement calls for it, one or two members of that executive’s support staff.   

We do not use a pooled staff model.  You won’t be handed off from person to person. 


Our clients range from start-up businesses with just a founder or two and no revenue to mature small businesses with 100 employees and $50M of revenue.

We specialize in software-as-a-service businesses, retail/wholesale/e-commerce businesses, and businesses with former military leaders as founders. 

We also see clients outside of these industries.  

By fractional, we mean that we split our time across several clients.  

Typically, we spend between eight hours a month and ten hours a week on any particular client.

The majority of our clients are in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.  We also have clients in other parts of the United States.

Both.  We like to see our clients face-to-face when it makes sense a few times a year, but the majority of the work happens most efficiently via videoconference.

This is a premium service.  Clients typically spend in excess of $2,000 per month with us.

It depends on the nature of the work (project vs. recurring service) and how predictable the scope of work is.

Let’s talk about what works best.